All LEGO® Star Wars™ Spaceships Sets

LEGO carries us through the vastness of the Star Wars galaxy with the number of Lego spaceships that have appeared. Since the beginning of the Lego Star Wars era in 1999, the Danish brick manufacturer has given us brand new and reissued spaceship variants every year, and there are more and more. For example, Han Solo's popular Millennium Falcon has appeared in multiple versions. The latest version (75105) delights both young and old Lego Star Wars fans with its unique features, including a fold-out cockpit, laser cannons and twin rockets. In addition to the models suitable for almost all age groups, Lego also creates incredibly elaborate, huge spaceships on which many an adult has to nibble for hours. The best example is probably the Imperial Stardestroyer, which has already appeared in a number of editions and is one of the most popular sets in the Lego Star Wars universe. The latest version of this Star Wars colossus can inspire many a fan for hours with over 4700 parts and a highly detailed design.

Here you will find many of the current, as well as some of the already out of print Lego Star Wars spaceships that you may still be missing in your collection.