All LEGO Buildings Sets

LEGO® takes up the most famous buildings of this world in the Architecture category in great detail and beautifully realized. The Empire State Building, the White House and the Great Wall of China are now an integral part of the LEGO shelves.

But also in other theme worlds you can find more and more large and small buildings in a fancy design. The creative theme world of LEGO® Creator gives us several components of an entire city, with a great townhouse, a family villa or even a toy store in detailed and colorful design. These can be wonderfully combined with the buildings and houses of LEGO® City, so that gradually a whole city comes to life.

I've never been to New York... With this grandiose, well-known song, Udo Jürgens probably aptly described the topic of travel and longing for faraway places. But even if many cities seem far away at first: with LEGO Architecture, you can recreate buildings, structures and entire cityscapes and effectively bring them into your living room. High-quality packaging, great building instructions with lots of details about the building or city, and lots and lots of bricks make the Architecture series from LEGO a highlight for "advanced builders". New York, Paris, Shanghai, London, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Dubai, San Francisco are all cities that are of course worth a trip, but can also be recreated in the Architecture series.

The Colosseum, the largest set released to date with item number 10276 and probably over 9,000 parts, will also be a real blast!

The Great Wall of China, the Brandenburg Gate, the Capitol, even the LEGO House in Billund: everything can be recreated. Thanks to LEGO Architecture! (-;