All LEGO Cars Sets


Car models are a big part of many LEGO themed worlds these days. LEGO® Technic alone, for example, has set itself the ambitious goal of creating the world's most exclusive and unique cars. Well-known names such as Porsche, Bugatti, Lamborghini or Landrover have already cooperated with LEGO® and thus created challenging building fun, especially for the older LEGO fans.

But not only the older, but also the younger LEGO car fans get their money's worth. For example, LEGO® City features more and more themed cars such as fire trucks and police cars, but also various construction site vehicles.

Ultimately, the buildable cars are so popular that LEGO has created the Speed Champions theme world. Here, many an engine heart beats faster. The less complex models (compared to LEGO® Technic) are the ideal building fun for fans young and old.

So quickly behind the wheel, browse through our assortment and discover the diversity of the LEGO car theme world!

The fascination with cars begins with the very young - and does not stop until old age! In keeping with this, LEGO has an almost infinite number of cars and vehicles in its range for everyone who is interested in cars! Whether in LEGO Duplo, Creator, City or Friends - everywhere small and large LEGO sets can be purchased in which cars and other vehicles can be built. Also in the LEGO Classic area, in Jurassic World and in Ninjago: vehicles and cars are simply a perennial theme!

For the big fans, Creator Expert offers great, detailed cars like the VW Bulli, James Bond's Aston Martin or the London double-decker bus. And for those who love technology, LEGO Technic offers great display models like the 42083 Bugatti or the 42115 Lamborghini Sian, as well as Technic-oriented construction machines like the 421145 Volvo. No matter what age, LEGO has the right car for everyone!