All LEGO Fire Brigade Sets

With the LEGO firefighter sets you keep every fire at bay! Become a fireman or firewoman today and build your own fire station! Put out the big fires in your LEGO City from a plane, boat or fire truck.

LEGO® Duplo® has also created some firefighter sets for the very young firefighter fans. So the building fun can begin at a very young age!

Firefighters and police: the perennial themes par excellence for boys of all ages! If you've had enough of constant police operations in LEGO City, you need to put out fires! For this purpose, LEGO has great new products in the LEGO City range every year. With always a slightly different focus, the makers in Billund remain creative, sometimes it's a big fire station, sometimes a burning burger store, even on the water it's "hot" and fireboats are just as needed as helicopters for use over burning fields.

LEGO Duplo also has a fire truck in addition to a fire station. With Light & Sound, the little ones can draw attention to themselves in the living room, let's see if the fireplace can be extinguished...(-;

What is still missing: the firefighting spaceship from Coruscant from Star Wars: Episode 3!