All LEGO Planes Sets

Similar to LEGO cars, airplanes are also a central component of many LEGO themed worlds. Especially LEGO City and LEGO Creator have released many models in recent years. LEGO Creator has developed through the 3-1 in approach a diverse assortment in which every aircraft fan will get his money's worth. Whether passenger plane, helicopter or propeller plane - here is something for every taste.

Travel, vacation, cargo transport; with LEGO in the range, everything can be replayed! Already with LEGO Duplo there are small sports planes, an airport, helicopters, exploration planes for safari and much more!

With LEGO Creator, there are great new kits every year to build planes and helicopters of all kinds. And always as a 3in1 kit! The airplanes in LEGO City are also a great way to recreate and play everyday life. Even as a 4+ set with simpler building steps, kids can spend hours on great airport and airplane sets. In the world of LEGO Technic, an airplane can of course not be missing next to all the cars and construction machines! Therefore, there are always great kits with helicopters, airplanes and much more. A highlight would certainly have been the 42113 Bell Boeing, but this is unfortunately not released.