All LEGO Police Sets

Experience fast chases with the police helicopter or the police patrol car and catch the thieves and criminals in time! With the police sets from LEGO you are ideally equipped for every manhunt. Whether in the air, by car or boat - with these cool LEGO sets the thieves have no chance to escape.

With the LEGO® City police, you too can become a little hero today and put the evil criminals behind bars.

Police and firefighters: the perennial themes par excellence for boys of all ages! LEGO City is extremely well protected, every year there are great new LEGO police.

Sometimes as normal police with precinct, sometimes as forest police, police in the air or even special units. For each situation there is a kit to build and play! Police were also a theme in the LEGO movie, Good Cop Bad Cop with its futuristic police vehicles was a funny character there. And also in LEGO technology there are always cars of police that can chase appropriate crooks.