All LEGO Space Sets

Discover the endless expanses of space with LEGO! LEGO® City in particular has dedicated some great sets to this exciting theme world. Build your own space station with a space rocket and explore Mars with the self-built Mars Research Shuttle.

There are no limits to your imagination. Become an astronaut, experience exciting adventures and explore the mysteries of our galaxies with LEGO.

The endless expanse: with LEGO Duplo, LEGO City, but especially with LEGO Star Wars, you can explore space! Darth Vader is waiting for the LEGO City astronaut to join him in defeating the rebels. Luke Skywalker drops by with his X-wing fighter to get the ISS back on course. The Apollo rocket does not bring supplies into space, but saves the Wookiies from slavery; the Empire is too late!

And if nothing else really helps, we have Benny from the LEGO Movie, a classic spaceman who knows space like the back of his hand!

Let's go, let the creativity run wild!