LEGO® 21042 Statue of Liberty

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The LEGO® Architecture Set "Statue of Liberty" (21041) pays homage to the monumental blend of construction and sculpture that characterizes the original. The 93-meter-high American symbol of freedom stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, welcoming sailors from around the world. This impressive LEGO interpretation faithfully recreates the harmonious blend of sculpture and architecture with the intricately crafted base, which is clad in shields and features columned balconies. Nicknamed "Lady Liberty," the beautifully crafted statue wears a flowing robe, sprung chains, a seven-pointed crown, the legendary plaque, and a golden torch in her upraised arm. This model is completed by the authentic colours sand green and beige as well as by a decorative name plate. It offers an enjoyable and rewarding building experience for anyone interested in travel, architecture, culture, history and design, and can adorn any living room or office as a showpiece.

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