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The Drukhari at a glance

The Drukhari are one of the most feared armies in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. These dark elves are notorious for their ruthlessness and ability to torment their enemies. The Drukhari live in the sinister city of Commorragh in the Webway, a network of rifts in the space-time continuum. From there, they conduct raids on other worlds to capture slaves and resources. The Drukhari army is characterized by its fast and deadly units. Their warriors are equipped with the finest weapons and technology that the Dark Forge of Commorragh can produce. These include weapons specifically designed to torment the enemy. The Drukhari also use warp technology to move quickly across the battlefield and dodge enemy fire.

Drukhari Strategies

To take advantage of the full strength of the Drukhari army, it is important to understand their unique play style. The Drukhari are an army that relies on mobility and deception. They can quickly dash across the battlefield and retreat from combat, only to reappear in another location. Their tactics rely on confusing and exhausting the enemy before striking with a devastating blow. Another strength of the Drukhari is their versatility. They have a wide range of units that can be used for different tasks and situations. From fast raider units to heavily armored ravager classes, the Drukhari can handle any challenge the battlefield has to offer.