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The origin story of the Blood Angels


The Blood Angels are one of the most well-known Space Marine armies in Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 universe. They were first introduced in 1987 and have since gained a loyal following of players and collectors around the world. The Blood Angels are known for their distinctive red armor, passionate devotion, and tragic curse history that drives their warriors mad.

The Blood Angels' style of play


In terms of gameplay, the Blood Angels are a versatile army specializing in fast movement and close combat. They have special abilities and equipment that make them masters of close combat. Their fast flying units can quickly break through enemy lines, while their heavy support units can take out enemy tanks and fortifications. Their unique abilities and strategies make them a challenge to their opponents and a popular choice for experienced players.

If you're looking for an army that is both tactically challenging and visually stunning, the Blood Angels are definitely an option to consider. Games Workshop offers a wide range of models and accessories to customize and expand your army. With their passionate dedication and tragic backstories, the Blood Angels have gained a loyal following around the world. Check out the models and experience the feeling of playing as the commander of a Blood Angel army.