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The background history of the Thousand Sons

The Thousand Sons originally came from the legions of Space Marines and were led by the mighty Magnus the Red. However, when he tried to glimpse the future, he inadvertently attracted the attention of the Chaos God Tzeentch, causing the destruction of his home planet. Only by making a pact with Tzeentch were Magnus and his legion able to survive, but they became Chaos Space Marines and henceforth had to do the will of their god.

The Thousand Sons' special abilities

The Thousand Sons are known for their powerful psychic abilities and have numerous Mages and Sorcerers at their disposal. They use their powers to manipulate and weaken their enemies. In addition, their improved armor and weapons make them very resilient and able to withstand severe injuries. Another distinctive feature of the Thousand Sons is their ability to resurrect their fallen warriors with the help of rubrics. These were created by Tzeentch himself and are imprisoned in armor that controls their psyche and protects them from destruction by Chaos.