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Great actions that are waiting for you in the next weeks with us

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Many, great LEGO minifigures & parts around the theme of knights!

EXTENDED! Until 07/30/2023 - LEGO Star Wars Building Contest

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JBs LEGO Star Wars Days 2023

JBs LEGO Star Wars Days 2023!

When?: 18. & 19.08.2023

Legoland 2023


When?: 10.09.2023

What?: Together with and us we're going to Legoland again! More info soon with us!

IDS 2023

IDS Brickworld 2023!

When?: 16. & 17.09.2023

What?: We are present in Velen! As a sponsor and with a large sales booth!

Schwabenstein 2023

Schwabenstein 2023!

When?: 23.11. - 26.11.2023

What?: Visit us at our huge booth at the trade fair in Stuttgart!

ComicCon 2023

Comic Con 2023!

When?: 09. & 10.12.2023

What?: This year we are again at the trade fair in Stuttgart at the start!

AFOL Shopping Day 2023


When?: Autumn 2023

Some of our old actions and building competitions

LEGO City has a long tradition, for decades sets around the everyday life of our world have been released year after year. We wanted to celebrate this with our LEGO City building contest this year! 

That's why we at JB Spielwaren, together with Michael, Christina and Marcus, started a LEGO City building contest where everyone could participate!

LEGO Harry Potter Building Contest 2021!

LEGO Harry Potter has enchanted the children's, play and hobby rooms of small and large Harry Potter fans for more than 20 years!

We have taken this as an opportunity and started a huge building competition!

All submitted masterpieces and the winner you can find HERE!