LEGO® 75280 501st Legion Clone Troopers

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Finally the cat is out of the bag! Today, April 02, the new LEGO Star Wars set 75280 has been unveiled. It is the Clone Troopers™ of the 501st Legion. So fans have been heard and will once again be able to go into battle with Clone Troopers, Walkers and Speeder Bikes starting 08/01/2020. The 75280 Clone Troopers™ of the 501st Legion set includes 3 LEGO Clone Troopers plus 1 LEGO Clone Trooper Captain with jetpack, 2 Battle Droids and 2 Starships (the aforementioned - 1x Speederbike & 1x Scout Walker). All equipped with blasters.

  • LEGO item number 75280
  • Name of the set: Clone Troopers of the 501st Legion / 501st Legion Clone Troopers
  • It is from 7 years
  • Contains 285 pieces
  • 4 minifigures Clone Troopers of the 51st Legion and 2 Battle Droids
  • MSRP is 29,99€
  • Is from the 01.08.2020 at home with you

We are therefore looking forward to the set. Even if we have to be patient until 01.08.2020. As always, we will begin about 1 month before release with the pre-orders, so that you will have your set the Clone Troopers™ of the 501st Legion then also on 01.08.2020 at home.

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