LEGO® 71362 Guarded Fortress - Expansion Set

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Not available any more. (EOL) :01.08.2020


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It's-a-me MARIO! Storm the 71362 Guarded Fortress!

The LEGO Super Mario 71362 Guarded Fortress set adds another great level to the existing LEGO Super Mario series.

The enemies in the set are:

  • Bob-omb
  • Koopa
  • Piranha Plant

You have to use the "Pow Pack" to blow up the gate of the fortress, and done! The set includes the three figures and all the bricks you need to build the fortress! Also included are many more bricks to build a great setting for the piranha plant, and many blue, grey, red and green bricks to build more levels!

Please note that the LEGO Super Mario figure is not included in this set. You can purchase it in the starter set 71360.


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