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LEGO 60297 Demolition Stunt Bike

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LEGO City Stuntz: lots of action with the 60297 Power Stuntbike!

LEGO City Stuntz (new from 2021) takes builders young and old into the arenas of the world! With stunt motorbikes, monster trucks and many more crazy machines, LEGO minifigures can perform tricks here!

The set 60297 LEGO City Power Stuntbike is one of 7 stunt bikes that can be purchased separately. Included is one of the new motorbikes with flywheel, plus a minifigure driver!

What stunts or stuntz will you perform with this bike?

The set 60297 LEGO City Power Stunt Bike contains:

  • 12 LEGO elements
  • 1 LEGO City minifigure
  • A new motorbike with flywheel

Set 60297 LEGO City Power Stuntbike is part of the LEGO City Stuntz series. This includes the following products:

  • 60293 LEGO City Stunt Park
  • 60294 LEGO City Stunt Show Truck
  • 60295 LEGO City Stunt Show Arena
  • 60296 LEGO City Wheelie Stuntbike
  • 60297 LEGO City Power Stuntbike
  • 60298 LEGO City Rocket Stuntbike
  • 60299 LEGO City Stunt Competition
  • 60309 LEGO City Selfie Stuntbike
  • 60310 LEGO City Mascot Stuntbike
  • 60311 LEGO City Fire Stuntbike

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