LEGO® 10903 Fire Station

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Not available any more. (EOL) :16.01.2019


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Alarm, there's an emergency call coming in: the guys from the 10903 fire station are helping!

Alarm, there's an emergency call, Fireman Sam is our man! - who doesn't know this theme song? Firefighting is the topic par excellence for boys of all ages! With the LEGO Duplo 10903 fire station, hours of fun are guaranteed, the fires are extinguished as never before!

Included in the set are:

  • one fire station
  • one fire engine with light and sound
  • two firemen
  • one dog
  • a campfire that has got out of control

A great addition to any LEGO Duplo City! Also suitable as an introduction to the LEGO Duplo world of play, this set contains everything you need to light a fire!


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