LEGO® 10901 Fire Truck

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Not available any more. (EOL) :16.01.2019


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Description of the Duplo Set 10901 Fire Engine

Finally Lego fulfills the wish of many Lego parents who want to give their children a fire truck with light and sound. The last set with light and sound was in 2007! This light and sound module is a new development and is definitely great. With the fire station,police motorcycle and the police station Police Station you can equip your fleet with light and sound, for acceptable money.


The assembly:

For the price of 19,99€ you get a 21 parts set here. The fire engine is 10 cm high, 14 cm long and 7 cm wide.

Boxinhalt in Tüten

Box contents

Feuerwehrwagen nimmt Form an

Fire engine takes shape

Fertiger Feuerwehrwagen

Finished fire engine

Feuerwehrwagen mit Katze

The cat has hidden in the tree and can't get around on its own


  • Build time: approx. 10 minutes
  • Level of detail: -
  • Choice of parts: good - light and sound module !
  • fun: very big
  • overall: very good

Conclusion to the Lego set 10901 fire engine

The set could be built by my child. A building instruction is not included, but it is very easy to see where something has to go. Children of this age like things that look and make noises, and fire engines are definitely part of that. I can reassure parents, the light and sound module has a pleasant sound and the duration is also pleasant. It cannot be switched on permanently. My child has a lot of fun building and playing. Here Lego has definitely done something right and I can only recommend the fire department.


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