FX Bricks 8864 Curve R64 for the 9V railroad

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Fx Track is a new system of L-Gauge metal train track compatible with LEGO® brand 9V and RC track elements. Experience all of the advantages of running LEGO® model trains on metal rails, including limitless power without batteries, reliable smooth running and more options for control. The Fx Track system offers both the beginner and advanced hobbyist a superior quality track product for layouts of any size or shape!

Each box of R64P Curve Track (8864) contains 8x tracks individually stacked with special cardboard separators. The 8864 product packaging is made from 100% recyclable paper-based materials from responsibly managed sustainable sources (FSC certified).

The R64P is a special curve element designed for use with the P40 Switch or for making S-bend curves which can align within a nominal 8-stud grid.  The R64P is not suitable for making 90˚, 180˚ or complete circle configurations.  This is because the R64P occupies a 22.62˚ sector angle rather than 22.5˚; for example, 16x R64P would make 362˚ rather than 360˚.  The versatility of the R64P when used in conjunction with Fx Track special straights S1.6 and S3.2 allow you to make parallel sidings and S-bends at any multiple of 8-studs and still maintain grid alignment with the LEGO grid system.  


64 studs (512 mm) radius / 128 studs (1024 mm) diameter
22.62˚ sector angle (special match for P40 Switch)
3 plates (9.6 mm) tall
37.5 mm track gauge / 40 mm centre-line gauge
UV protected injection molded ABS plastic in dark bluish gray colour
corrosion resistant Nickel plated Copper-Beryllium alloy metal rails
suitable for indoor and outdoor use
power feeder location with two wire pass-through channels
compatible with LEGO® brand 9V and RC track elements

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