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Merchandise from Bricks of Maze exclusively at JB Spielwaren!

#MinifigsAreTheBest! Under this motto, Bricks of Maze on Instagram (@bricksofmaze) creates great and detailed figures every day, based on well-known characters from films and series.

Markus is also a part of the Brickstory team! His merchandise items have been personally selected and compiled by Markus, the individual printing of his tiles, bricks and figures was created in close cooperation.

His figure comes in a blister with a high quality designed blister card. With the purchase of the merchandise articles of Bricks of Maze you directly support Markus and his work!


For the launch of the merchandise programme, articles from the following partners are also available:

  • Stonewars
  • Der Spielwareninvestor
  • Bricks of Maze
  • Stein auf Stein recognised LEGO Fanmedia
  • Austrian Brick Fan


More merchandise from selected and well-known partner sites will follow soon!