All Austrian Brick Fan Sets

YouTube channel with an audience of millions: Austrian Brick Fan aka Holger Wennmann inspires with speed builds and much more!

With almost one million subscribers on YouTube, Holger is one of the most successful and widest-reaching YouTubers with LEGO content. New speed builds, reviews and live shots are created daily.

As a member of the LEGO Verein Schwabenstein 2x4 e.V. he also supports at regional exhibitions.

In cooperation with Holger, some merchandise articles have been created, which you can buy exclusively here in our shop. By buying these articles you directly support Holger and his work!

For the start of the merchandise programme, articles from the following partners are also available:

  • Stonewars
  • Der Spielwareninvestor (The Toy Investor)
  • Bricks of Maze
  • Stein auf Stein - Brick on Brick recognised LEGO Fanmedia
  • Austrian Brick Fan

More merchandise from selected and well-known partner sites will follow soon!