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LEGO® 71360 Adventures with Mario - Starter Course

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It's-a-me MARIO! The starter set for the new LEGO world!

With this innovative new toy, you can now bring Super Mario and his friends and enemies out of the console and into the LEGO universe! The new LEGO Super Mario figure is equipped with colour sensors, speakers and LCD screens and reacts to everything you do with him:

  • red bricks - uh-oh, lava! Quickly get down there
  • blue bricks - water! Hold your breath and swim
  • yellow stones - desert & sand; the way is difficult
  • green bricks - a nice lush meadow

The 71360 LEGO Super Mario Starter Set includes the new LEGO Super Mario figure, Bowser Junior, the finish flag, the world-famous starting wheel and lots of colourful bricks to build your first LEGO Super Mario level!

There are many great add-on sets available for this 71360 LEGO Super Mario starter set, so kids can either follow the instructions for building the levels or create new challenges with their own blue, red, yellow and green bricks!

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