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LEGO® 200000 Bremen Town Musicians (digital building instruction)

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"Long live creativity" it screams at you when you look at the models of Jens Ohrndorf aka "moctown". The 45-year-old teacher specializing in sports, music & technology has been building small and large masterpieces out of the popular colorful bricks for years.

"The art is to create realistic buildings - or as in this case animals - from limited shapes and colors," says Jens.

Each of his models is first digitally designed before being realized with real stones. In this way, the models can be optimally designed without limiting existing or non-existing parts. Then the necessary material is procured in the form of LEGO® bricks.

The Bremen Town Musicians are only a few animals of a whole series of 2- and 4-legged creatures Jens created. The basic idea was to create something for children in the first place - in the truest sense of the word. The main focus is to depict the animal models with only a few bricks, relatively simple and easily recognizable for children.

"I'm delighted that donkeys, dogs, cats and roosters, among others, are now being made accessible to a wider audience," Jens reports. This is because a selection of his animal creations has been on display in Billund, the home of the colourful bricks, at the newly opened "LEGO® House" since the end of September 2017.

The Bremen Town Musicians are set number 1 in a series of limited edition sets designed and built by Jens Ohrndorf, available exclusively in the JB Spielwaren shop.

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