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The StoneWars team provides thousands of LEGO fans on every day with the latest news, background knowledge and carefully prepared articles about the LEGO brick from Denmark!
Meanwhile, StoneWars is one of the most read LEGO fan sites in the German-speaking world! The team works every day intensively on articles, podcasts, YouTube live switching and much more.

After all, StoneWars readers have been asking for purchasable StoneWars merchandise, and now the time has come: finally there is high-quality merchandise with the well-known logo! With the purchase of StoneWars merchandise you directly support the StoneWars team and their work!

At the launch of the merchandise program, items are also available from the following partners:

  • The Toy Investor
  • Bricks of Maze
  • Brick on Brick recognized LEGO Fanmedia
  • Austrian Brick Fan

More merchandise from selected and well-known partner sites will follow soon!