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LEGO Star Wars Ideas Book

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Galactic cool LEGO® Book with 200 ideas for playing and building!
Whether it's your own spaceship, vehicle or figure - now there's the first LEGO® ideas book for the LEGO® Star Wars™ universe with many exclusive inspirations for great buildings, figures or even your own LEGO® Star Wars Games. Thanks to clever tips from real LEGO® builders, a Yoda with wiggly eyes, a palanquin for Darth Vader or an X-wing can be easily recreated with your own bricks - – perfect for playing alone or with friends. This is where kids let their creativity and imagination run wild! 

Build your own LEGO® Star Wars™ universe! 
The models in the LEGO® Book have been specially designed for this edition. It is divided into four chapters: 
1. recreate: Rebuild what you love about Star Wars™  
2. expand: Expand the Star Wars™ Galaxy! 
3. play: Have fun with friends and family! 
4.Benefit: Build great things for yourself and others! 

LEGO® Star Wars™ Book: all the highlights at a glance: 
- Huge selection of ideas. 
- Sensational conversion tips. 
- Over 40 cool game ideas. 
- Decorative hits and gifts made with LEGO® Bricks. 

✓ Now with the LEGO® Star Wars™  Ideas book to create your own LEGO® Star Wars™ world and conquer the galaxy with your friends!

ISBN 978-3-8310-3654-7
January 2019
200 pp., 235 x 282 mm, hard cover
Over 800 color photos
from 8 years


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