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LEGO® 42095 Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer

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Description of the Lego Set 42095 Remote Control Stunt Racer.

After the Tracked Racer (42065) from 2017, Lego now brings out a new one. However, with fewer parts than then, but with more powerful engines (XL instead of M) to this after more. Here there is supposed to be another B-model, where, however, the building instructions are not yet available online at Lego. The chain drive is different this time and I promise more power. It should be possible to do "wheelies" and some stunts. Other than that, the steering is the same. By stopping a chain, the racer can go either left or right.

Stunt-Racer Karton


For the price of 79,99€ you get a 324 parts set. The Stunt-Racer is 17 cm high, 22 cm long and 15 cm wide. The B-Model should have the following dimensions it is 12 cm high, 20 cm long and 19 cm wide. Furthermore you should have 6x AA Mignon batteries for the battery box and 3x AAA Mignon batteries for the remote control. These are not included in this set.

Stunt Racer mit Tüten
Stunt Racer Stickerbogen

Building instructions, 4 bags, sticker sheet, battery box and sticker sheet in modern colour design.

Stunt Racer Powerfunktion
Stunt Racer Motoren

The power function parts: control, receiver and 2 XL motors. the motors are installed and drive the gears.

Die Antriebsräder

To avoid using the wrong gears when building, some pages show the parts in a 1:1 ratio.The drive trains are built in.

Der Batteriekasten
Das Cockpit und die Verkleidung

The battery box finds its place and is connected to the receiver.The cockpit and the fairing comes to the body.


2x 30x chain links are installed.after 60 clicks they are in front of you.

Die Fernsteuerung
Der fertige Racer

The remote control with small sticks for better control and the finished racer.

Die Bauanleitung

If you want you can also read the building instructions digitally.


  • Building time: approx. 60 minutes
  • Level of detail: high
  • choice of parts: good -- fun: very high
  • overall: very good

Conclusion of the Lego Set 42095 Stunt Racer

The Stunt Racer is quick to assemble, as the building instructions are easy to understand. The first test drive was really something. The wheelie function is very easy to reach and you understand why you have a support with wheels in the back. The XL motors provide brute thrust, which, however, fizzles out on the floor for the time being. Only when the Racer is in motion it gets better. Here, rubber studs for the chain links would be worthwhile. Furthermore, it is very loud on parquet. On carpet it is the most fun. Here it has more grip from the start and also the wheelies and stunts succeed even better. It is also quieter to drive, although you can't talk about quiet. Outdoors in the terrain it is fun, only in too much sun or further than 2 meters, is not possible with the IR system. Because of the high speed and power you have to be very fast with the control. Driving courses, as with the old are not really possible. Overall, however, a super set, which can play on carpet its strengths. The XL motors provide a lot of thrust and torque. When the instructions for the B model comes out, I will make an update here.

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