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LEGO® 42100 Liebherr R 9800

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Control+ brings this giant to life: 42100 Liebherr Excavator R 9800 from LEGO Technic!

The new Control+ for LEGO Technic vehicles is also built into this large excavator from Liebherr. The set includes 2 Bluetooth-controlled Smarthubs, 3 XL motors and 4 L motors!

A total of 4108 LEGO elements, mainly Technic bricks, are built into this huge LEGO Technic set.

The Bager can be moved forwards and backwards, rotated, the bucket can be raised and lowered and the arm can be extended and retracted. All the functions of a real Liebherr R 9800 have been realised here with LEGO Technic bricks!

The control works üvia a smartphone, for example, an iPhone, which is not included in the purchase price.

Other sets with Control+ control are: 42099 All Wheel Drive Xtreme Geländewagen, 42109 Top Gear Rally Car, 42114 Articulated Volvo Dumper and also in 2021 new fantastic models await us!

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