LEGO 41685 Magical Funfair Rollercoaster

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It will be magical! LEGO Friends gets a fair, this set 41685 Magical fairground roller coaster brings momentum to the carnival!

LEGO Friends is enriched each year with playsets that include a specific theme as a focus. In 2021, it's off to the magical fairgrounds for the girlfriends! 

The 41685 Magic Fair Coaster set is the largest of the sets and includes a spacious fairground tent, a roller coaster, four play figures and lots of accessories. 

The 41685 Magic Fairground Rollercoaster set includes:

  • 974 LEGO elements
  • Andrea play figure
  • Stella play figure
  • Camilla play figure
  • Claire play figure
  • A roller coaster with circus tent
  • Accessories for a magical day at the funfair
  • .

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