LEGO® 11002 Basic Brick Set

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Description of the Lego Set 11002 Starter Set

The set "11002 - Starter Set" from the LEGO Classic series is the bigger brother of First building fun. This set is also primarily aimed at creativity and free building. This set is aimed at Lego builders of all ages and is suitable for both starting out and expanding an existing Lego collection.


Bag contents

Hund mit Knochen

A dog with its bone

ein gelbes Flugzeug

A yellow airplane

ein roter Monstertruck

A red monster truck

ein grüner Dinosaurier

A green dinosaur

Ritter auf einem Pferd

A knight on his horse

Ein Vogelhaus

A bird house

Eine Blume

A flower

Die Gesamtansicht

The overall view

Conclusion of the Lego Set 11002 Starter Set

For 19,99€ (RRP) you get 300 colorful pieces, which are universally applicable and can be integrated into any Lego collection. Each of the models can also be built by young or inexperienced Lego builders within a few minutes and has in itself only limited play value. However, this set shows its true strength when it comes to encouraging creativity and increasing one's own brick supply. The selection of bricks invites you to build without instructions and implement your own ideas.

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