LEGO® 10906 Tropical Island

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A tree house! In the jungle! LEGO Duplo 10906 leaves nothing to be desired!

Who wouldn't want that as a child? To spend the night with the wild animals, with mummy and daddy and their brothers and sisters? No sign of any nasty biting insects, crawling animals or anything else - no! In this LEGO Duplo set, you'll spend the night in the jungle house with the friendly elephant family, as well as monkey, bird and a tiger family!

Included in the set are:

  • three Duplo figures (mum, dad and child)
  • a large elephant with elephant child
  • a tiger with child
  • a monkey
  • a bird
  • all bricks for a great, big jungle tree house
  • other accessories

Together with the other LEGO Duplo sets, this great jungle tree house is perfect for children to create new stories and play together for hours on end!

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