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The LEGO Book of Bedtime Stories

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Dreamy bedtime stories with LEGO® models. 
Build together with your children eight magical LEGO® models (parrot, pirate ship, dinosaur & Co.) and read the affectionate bedtime story to go with the LEGO® figure figure. Questions about the story stimulate your child's imagination. Inspired, the children continue to experience the story in their dreams. Night after night, going to bed becomes an unforgettable experience!

This is how your children like to go to bed! 
Whether brave pirates on a treasure hunt, lonely princesses on a trip around the world or bored dinosaurs on a city tour - eight imaginative stories and eight imaginative stories and LEGO® models with simple step-by-step instructions invite you to to build, rummage, spin ideas and dream together.  

A small foretaste of the LEGO® Stories: 
- The Magic Castle. 
- The Rogue Robot. 
- The Dinosaur. 
... and five more exciting stories! 

Build, play, read the story and dream - go with your little ones brick by brick into the realm of dreams, where imagination knows no bounds!

ISBN 978-3-8310-3775-9
October 2019
48 pp., 193 x 247 mm, hardcover (with 60 LEGO® bricks for 8 mini models)
With coloured photos
from 6 years

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